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One Year Classroom Course is exclusively designed for preparation of GATE examination. These batches are developed for Final year and pass-out students, who can devote their full time for preparation of competitive examinations as classes will be conducted regularly on weekdays. The main feature of the course is that all the subjects are taught from basic to advanced level: this helps students to develop strong grip on the basics and clear understanding of fundamental concepts.

Those Students who could not give their best in GATE/ESE examinations and would Like to dop a year to get better results. Emphasis on making the students imbibe the fundamental concepts of GATE/ESE Exam Syllabus, Special care has been taken in formulating the courseware of this program keeping in mind that the vast syllabus of the entrance examination has to be completed within time duration of year.

This program speeds up the Training process of the students for entrance Exams, This Study Program ensures that the best in a student comes out. Individual attention is given so that even the average students get properly trained and become competent and confident enough to crack the difficult entrance Exam. More focus will be given on solving multiple choice and numerical data type questions which are asked in GATE/ESE examination.

  • Timetable
  • Rank 500
  • Revision
  • Test Series
  • Subject Order

Timetable to follow till January 2022

To ensure you maximise your efforts & channel all your efforts to enhance your preparation, you should follow the below steps :

  • Attend lectures regularly:
    These can be lectures in your college/coaching classes or even free lectures you are watching on YouTube but ensure to consistently keep studying. A lot of the students do not pay attention during the lectures & thus end up spending more time while self-studying for the same subject
  • Create short notes per subject:
    For every subject you study, create small a list of formulas, important points or even your mistakes. This will help you revise the subject quickly in the future.
  • Revise notes after finishing the subject:
    Ensure to revise all the notes which you have created for the subject after completing any subject. Creating notes & not using them for revision is as good as not creating notes. Use them for revision regularly.
  • Solve all Previous Years Papers:
    Ensure that you solve all previous year’s papers while studying for the individual subjects. They are very important for your exam preparation.
  • Practice Engineering Maths & General Aptitude Regularly
    It is a very common mistake to underestimate General Aptitude. Do not make that mistake. General aptitude & Maths is something which you should be practicing regularly & should not wait for all subjects to get over till you start them.
  • Finish complete syllabus till October:
    Keep a goal of completing your entire syllabus by the month of October. This will give you ample time for revision, solving practice problems & attempting test series.
  • Start solving Full Test from November:
    You should keep in mind that after October in the months on November, December & January you should be only taking full length tests (Mock Tests). Do not make the mistake of taking topic wise tests this close to your GATE Exam.
  • Identify weak topics & clear your doubts:
    Identify your weak topics & prepare specifically for them. Get your doubts cleared regarding those subjects/topics. Ensure that as you approach towards your GATE Exam you have very few weak topics.
  • Revision by short notes or important topics:
    Before the GATE Exam once your full syllabus is complete, only refer to your own short notes & important topics. Do not try to cover the full syllabus in the last month before the GATE Exam.

How to get a rank under 500

  1. Understand a subject to its complete depth:
    Learning from the right books for GATE CSE Preparation and Work towards getting concept clarity for every subject you study.
  2. Practice regularly:
    Consistently is the most important factor while preparing for the GATE Exam. Keep practicing GATE level questions regularly.
  3. Time Management:
    Along with GATE preparation, students are managing their college & working professionals are managing their job. Time management is extremely critical for your preparation. Do not let short term joys like going out with friends, family etc affect your preparation.
  4. Identify your weak & strong subjects:
    Make a list of all your strong, average & weak subjects and put them in a table.
Weak Average Strong
Compiler Design General Aptitude Engineering Mathematics
Digital Logic Programming & Data Structures Discrete Maths
Operating System Algorithm  

  1. In the above table all the subjects have been categorized from strong to weak. Your goal should be to move all the weak subjects to average & your average subjects should overtime become a part of your strong subjects.
    To achieve a rank under 500, at least subjects worth 80 Marks should be under strong.
  2. Make your own short notes:
    Yes, we are mentioning it again but making your own short notes which contains all your important formula or important topics is critical. Do not get lazy and avoid making your personal notes. They are your best investment towards your preparation.

Keep yourself Motivated:
You will go through a lot of long days & probably longer nights. Only one thing will keep you going through all this is keeping your goal in sight & constantly reminding yourself why you are studying for GATE. Always keep your motivation levels high and do not lose confidence. Always remember You do not lose until You give up.

How to Effectively and Efficiently Revise all your subjects

Revision is the most important part of your preparation. Since the GATE Exam has such a vast syllabus it is very important to keep revising what you have studied to ensure that you do not forget it overtime.

So how should you revise for subjects? We would recommend the following:

  • Upon completion of first subject, revise it completely.
  • Upon completion of second subject, revise first & second subject completely.
  • Upon completion of third subject, revise all previous subjects completely.
  • Upon completion of the last subject, revise all the subjects again.

This method will ensure that you are always up to date with your syllabus & even if you studied the first topic 6 months back, you also got a chance to revise it 10 more times than other subjects.

How to make the best use of Test Series

Solve at least 15 – 20 Full Length Tests from different coaching classes. While taking full length tests keep the following points in mind

  1. Attempt the tests without any breaks:
    Attempt in 3 straight hours to build stamina. Sit in a distraction-free environment.
  2. Take tests in the same slot as the GATE Exam:
    By taking mock tests in the same time slot as your GATE exam, your brain learns to perform at its peak during that time.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the GATE calculator:
    The GATE Virtual Calculator functions a bit differently from the normal scientific calculator. Practicing the use of this calculator could help you save a lot of time in the final exam.
  4. Analyse your mock tests:
    Identify which subjects you need to work on. Work on improving your accuracy and reducing your negative marks. After analysing, revise, set your goal, and work on your mistakes after each test. Make a list of all your mistakes & add them to another sheet which you can refer to in the future.

The average of these tests will help you get clarity on what you should expect from the GATE Exam & areas in which you need to improve.

You can also download our Free Android App : EC TEST SERIES  to get access to GATE Level Mock Tests for Free.

We hope this plan could help you achieve your dream score in the GATE Exam.

Good luck for your studies & for the GATE Exam.

List of Subjects for CS & their weightage

Before starting your preparation for the GATE CSE Exam, it is always important to understand all the subjects in the GATE Exam & their respective weightages.

List of Subjects Marks
Algorithm 8
Discrete Maths 8-10
TOC 9-10
DBMS 9-10
Operating System 7-9
Compiler Design 2-4
Programming & Data Structures 8-10
Digital Logic 2-4
COA 10
Engineering Maths 5-6
General Aptitude 15

P.S. – The variation in the above table will depend on the examiner & IIT which is setting the paper.

Which subject should you start first?

The best way to start your GATE preparation would be by listing all the high weightage subjects.

The high weightage subjects in CS are –

  • Programming & Data Structures
  • Algorithms
  • COA
  • DBMS
  • OS
  • TOC
  • General Aptitude

Pick any subject of your choice from the above list to kick off your GATE Preparation. It is advisable not to skip any of them.

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