About Us

Engineer’s circle (EC) was established by Mr. Sanjay Gupta and Dr. Manish Gupta in the year 2002 with the intuition of bringing new trends in engineering education by offering excellent and result oriented training to GATE, IES & PSUs aspirants

Engineer’s circle is India’s leading education service provider with presence in 8 locations across India.

Engineer’s circle provides “Test-Prep” Education which enable engineering students to gain admission in Post-Graduate courses at IIT’s, NIT’s & other technical institutes as well as jobs in PSUs and ESE exam.

Engineer’s circle has the best, eminent and experienced faculty team of over 50+ academicians and professionals including IIT alumni, EX – IES Officers and guest faculties from top universities , added with the complete & finest study material developed by our own R&D team, excellent training methodology and a stimulating academic environment.

Engineer’s circle ever since its inception, has been producing results in various competitive examinations every year. The students of Engineer’s Circle are securing top ranks in various competitive examinations, which itself speaks about Engineer’s Circle commitment to excellence and perfection in imparting quality education.

Engineer’s circle, for every course, has a strategic & a well charted program, which aims to develop the skills of a student in a well-organized manner so that the student behaves like a self-guided missile to unfailingly hit the target in the bull’s eye.

As in the era of Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization, the nature and requirement of various Private as well as Public sectors has been changed, especially the Private Sector requires highly qualified and trained personnel for their organization. Even after the era of liberalization, the nature and requirements of public sector undertakings also underwent a drastic change. Keeping this in mind ENGINEER’S CIRCLE was founded to train engineering graduates for this new competitive era. Apart from this, ENGINEER’S CIRCLE believes in updating and helping the aspirants to fulfill their dream.

About Founders

Mr. Sanjay Gupta

Co- Founder

Engineer’s Circle was founded by Mr. Sanjay Gupta and Dr. Manish Gupta in year 

Our Founders are have spread their vast experience and astounding knowledge to transform engineering graduates into efficient officers and valuable resources for India.

 Mr. Sanjay Gupta is a faculty of national repute and has a teaching experience of 12 yrs. He has a distinction of qualifying the GATE Examination and securing AIR-36. He has also been selected in various Public Sector Examinations.

Dr. Manish Gupta have worked with many MNC, s in senior positions, before he started Engineer’s Circle.

The core foundation of Engineer’s Circle is laid on the pillars of excellence, perfection, innovation and commitment, which have always been his own core beliefs. It played an important role in establishing.

We believes that HONESTY, SINCERITY & DEDICATED SMART STUDY along with ETHICS are the keys for success for all competitive exams, as well as it is the recipe for a successful and utmost fulfilling life ahead.

Our objective is to provide quality education accessible to the students coming from different regions and different strata of the Society. 

Our constant endeavour is to create propitious ambience in our campus by providing continuously updated study material, daily practice sheets, test Series etc. So that students can achieve maximum of their potential.

It is our gratifying experience that thousands of students who have cleared various competitive exams after studying from our institution have established themselves very well in different walks of life. What we have achieved so far is definitely commendable. 

But I am aware that there is still a huge scope for us to become better and to reach higher pinnacles of academic excellence. I have no doubt that we will be able to achieve these objectives in cooperation with our experienced and caring faculties. I extend my best wishes to you all for the success in the Exams for which you are appearing, as well as, for your future successful professional careers you plan to pursue.

Dr. Manish Gupta

Co- Founder


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  • Delivering All India Top Rankers for over 14 years with the highest selection ratio, EC has been setting bench marks and redefining GATE/ESE Coaching.
  • Record breaking results in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018 in a row.
  • All top 10 all India rankers from MP in GATE 2014 & 2015. And maximum number of ranks under 100 every year.
  • Maximum selections from MP over LAST 14 YEARS. And remarkable performance in State Engineering Services Exams.
  • Highest selection ratio among all institutes in India.


Someone has rightly said, “Success is a journey.” And we at Engineer’s Circle have been fortunate for being a part of that journey, for witnessing the struggles of every single day, for making our continuous efforts to deliver the best every single day, doing more than otherwise expected from us… Why??? Today the entire nation is speaking our success stories, louder than ever. With more than 8 centers nationwide, Engineer’s Circle today, stands firm and strong, serving hundreds of thousands of students. And it is expanding even further. With the strongest and the best faculty team network from different IITs, IISC, toppers from GATE and ESE exams, we are delivering the best and quality education to our students. Study material prepared with dedication and extensive research by our team of experts, and continuous revival and updation of the same, makes it stand out from others, which makes our students stand out from the others. Top rankers in GATE! Top rankers in IES and PSUs! Top rankers in State Engineering Services! Our results have been speaking our success stories for over a decade. All this have been possible, because we at Engineer’s Circle believes in that very line-> Success is a Journey! And no matter how much successful we are today, we put our best efforts every single day, so that tomorrow the nation would shout our success stories, louder than today

Come, Join us and be a part of our journey together we will make you stand out from the others.