Opportunities After GATE Exam (Job & Salary)

The biggest question that one must ask themself before preparing for any exam is why one should appear for the exam as that reason itself is the motivation for the exam. GATE is conducted by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), and it tests the essential understanding of undergraduate subjects.

GATE is collectively conducted by the leading 7 Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and the Indian Institute for Science, Bangalore (IISc, Bangalore). These institutes are liable for the executive responsibilities of the exam and aren’t directly concerned with preparing the question paper. This exam is one the foremost prestigious exams in India and not only because it’s conducted by IITs but also due to the plethora of opportunities available after GATE.

Following are the opportunities available after GATE.

1. Postgraduate (MTech) Entrance

The GATE score is considered a compulsory requirement for postgraduate programmes in several IITs and the National Institutes of Technology (NITs). The method for recruitment for M.Tech programs involves qualifying for the GATE exam and clearing the cut-off for the respective college, then undergoing an interview stage for final admission.

  • Different benefits of the M.Tech program are:
  • Better job opportunities
  • Higher pay packages
  • Subject specialisation
  • Handsome stipend
  • GATE scorecard is valid for M.Tech admission for 3 years.

You can join foreign universities after your GATE exam.

Another great advantage of qualifying for the GATE exam is that you simply want to pursue your higher studies at foreign universities. A legitimate GATE score will assist you in fulfilling your dream. If you follow your higher studies at foreign universities, an accurate GATE score will help you achieve your goal.

In Singapore, a legitimate and good GATE score is a superb parameter for admission to prodigious universities. If your percentile is 90 or above, you’ll get admission to the National University of Singapore(NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU, Singapore) and pursue your Master degree in Engineering from these universities.

Job opportunities:

Undoubtedly the advantage of qualifying the GATE exam from a job’s perspective is that if you’ve pursued M.Tech or ME through the GATE examination, then you’ll be blessed with a piece of excellent job opportunities from many reputed companies.

Private sector:

Companies within the private sector prefer candidates who have completed M.Tech or ME through the GATE exam. Firms like Google, Samsung, Tata, Maruti, Cisco, and several other eminent companies pick engineering candidates holding a Masters-level qualification. Suppose you would like to explore your career options after qualifying for GATE and doing M-Tech in engineering. Therein case, many companies will hire you by offering some lucrative salary packages that a B-Tech degree cannot assist you to fetch such an amount.

PSU sectors:

Another great advantage of the GATE exam is that the candidates who did M.Tech or ME with a legitimate Gate score can also get offers from PSUs. The candidates who did M.Tech or ME through an honest Gate score can also contact the offers from PSUs. Employment during a PSU ensures you retain in-tuned with exciting and intriguing engineering advances while enjoying the safety and perks of a Govt. Salary. You’ll also get promoted once you perform well. Performing on a PSU won’t only assist you in steering an affluent life, but you’ll also get a chance to serve your country.

Teaching job:

Nowadays, many educational institutes and universities often recruit postgraduate engineering candidates from campuses. If you’re trying to find a tutorial career option after your ME or M-Tech, you’ll apply for faculty positions in many universities and eminent colleges. You’ll be a teacher or professor as per your qualifications or academic performance. In India, many private institutes are wont to prepare aspiring candidates for the GATE exam. You’ll also take up a teaching job at such institutes and earn a high salary as a GATE instructor or mentor.

In Foreign companies:

You can even try your luck in foreign companies after your M.Tech or ME if you would like to settle abroad and make a bright career there. As GATE is taken into account while admitting you to a postgraduate course during a foreign university, it also can offer a plus while trying to find a far off firm job.

100% job assurance:

A master degree candidate will undoubtedly get more job opportunities than a graduate candidate. Many companies are showing their inclination in hiring M.Tech or ME students during the location. You’ll get a chance for a technical job profile that will assist you in fulfilling your dream. So, GATE qualified aspirants can get 200% job placement during their academic years.

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